AloeBare Face & Bikini Kit

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Easy, Quick, Ready to Use Hair Removal for Face or Body

packaging AloeBare Legs & Body AloeBare Towelettes

This superior method is known to provide slower and thinner re-growth of hair and smooth, soft skin. Only AloeBare contains after-wax care towelettes impregnated with aloe vera and the Alpha Botanic System ingredients, a breakthrough blend of plant extracts and multi-fruit acids to soothe the skin while gently shedding old, rough, dead skin cells. Your skin will look smoother, younger!

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  • Exfoliation benefits of shaving with long lasting qualities of waxing.
  • Bare, beautiful professional salon-quality results!
  • Soothing, healing, botanical treatment!


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Just Press On
and Pull Off.

No more daily struggle with razor, nicking and scaring the skin.
Be hair free from 2 to 8 weeks.

Professional wax, set on strips. Instantly ready to use.

Trilingual (English, French & Spanish) instruction sheet.

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